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Arizona Roots / Southwestern Americana

The Volunteers is a band out of Tempe, Arizona, a town rich in Roll and Rock history. Formerly known as Squiddog and fronted by singer/songwriter Dave Vitagliano, this band represents the idea that in the face of an ever changing music industry, both on a local level and on the global scene, one has to be committed to art and performance, and anything else is just secondary. Writing, performing, and recording, original American Roots music that blends rock, alternative, country, and blues from a Southwestern perspective is what Dave and this band are all about. 

"Early December Air" tops 2000 hits on Youtube 

 It's been almost 23 years since Gin Blossoms founder Doug Hopkins made the conscious decision to take leave of this world. On December 5th last year I did a pre-release of my song that pays tribute to Doug. The song "Early December Air" will be on my upcoming solo release "Grey" that is coming out November 19th, but I wanted to get this one song out as soon as it was done. The emotion had been welling up a long time, and I just wanted to let it go.  I never knew Doug well. I did meet him a few times. Once at Tony's New Yorker after the Gin Blossoms days. But it's the first time I met him that still sticks in my mind. it was at my house in Tempe when he and my brother were hanging out after school one day. They were both freshmen in at McClintock and I was a senior. I just remember him being skinny, quiet and awkward with big glasses. Definitely not the performer who he was ultimately to be. The idea for the song came from a bike ride I did with my son Joe down along Mill Ave one fall day about a year ago. We were riding all over the downtown Tempe and I was educating him on both old Tempe history and the history of the Tempe Music Scene. As a budding musician himself, he was digging the lesson. We rode to the site where Long Wongs used to stand. Now gone, bulldozed. We stood in the dead empty lot, right about where the stage used to be. And man I could just feel the shadows of the past, those ghosts there, the reverberations of the sound that once filled that space. The experience was moving in a way. I had done a lot of study about Doug in the years since his passing, mostly from Mark Ord's incredible website, which is wealth of information, not only about Doug, but about the whole scene. I had even tried to organize a tribute night to him on what would have been his 50th Birthday a few years ago. Just a few friends who knew him coming together to honor his life and art and maybe each of us taking one of his songs and doing it. But it never came off. People that were really close to him are still pretty weird about all that. I just went down to the Ash Ave Bridge that night, played "Pieces of the Night" and "Ponyboy and Johnny", drank a little toast and called it a night. I knew a few others had written songs about him. Steve Larson's "Aces when I Fold" is a great one. I started strumming the cords to "Hey Jealousy" one day and then began playing the cords backwards, descending instead of ascending, I developed that and added a few other changes and parts and had the music. The words came flowing in just a few minutes. I tracked it at my home studio, and did all all the parts except for organ played by my son Joe and drums by my buddy Kyle Macintosh. It is my tribute to Doug. I tried to capture a bit of his style of arranging and even give a music remembrance to him at the very end of the song. I know the reality of who he was is much more complicated than the romantic version that's easy to conjure in the years since he passed. But I just wanted to honor his art, his songwriting, how much he truly influenced all the music that came after him in this town, that tall uncomfortable looking skinny kid with the big glasses.​

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Dave Vitagliano - Grey CD Release

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Tempe History Museum, SW Corner Rural and Southern, Tempe, AZ

Mark your calendars, three weeks from tonight, on November 19th, 7pm, at the Tempe History Museum, I will be releasing my CD "Grey". Grey represents the wisdom accumulated by the passing years. This project is a tribute album of sorts, to friends, a couple of songs about some local legends, a song for my dad, a few to resolve a few lost loves, one for my wife, a Christmas song, and the last song of the night is a special song dedicated to anyone who ever filled a seat in any of my classrooms through the years. I don't get to play out much anymore, at least not nearly as much as I'd like to. This show is early, it is free, and it will be good. I assembled an incredible band for this show including a few members of Squiddog. My good friend Nolan McKelvey will be opening the show and there will be a few special guests including the amazing Carol Pacey. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I hope to see you there.



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